Saturday, April 16, 2011

Advise for scrapbooking!!

When using a CRAFT KNIFE or a STANDING KNIFE always make sure that -
1.  YOU are concentrating on what you are doing
2.  NEVER be in a such hast that you are actually rushing to finish what you are doing!
3.  Rather use a scissors than a craft knife if it's NOT for procession work.
4. Relax and ENJOY your hobby (scrapbooking)!

I had to give myself a little pep talk after I was doing all of the above except for number 4.
I was rushing, using a VERY sharp standing craft knife, NOT concentrating and ended up cutting my left pointy finger. I realized after looking at what I had just done that this cut needs more than just a plaster.....I went to the chemist for help and they said NO ways I need more that help than they could give there I was at the doctors emergency rooms!  I got three stitches, the cut was about 2.5cm long and about 0.5cm deep on the side of the finger.......Now I was not feeling so bright anymore!
I told my son (who was with me through this whole experience) that I need to scrap ONE more thing before I finish work for the day....I needed to CUT (realized it would have to be with a scissors) some letters...that said STUPID!

Today I realized that we do not have control of the day as we think we do!  God is control and knows exactly  what will happen to me today! My problem today was I never stop to listen or maybe I just never heard what He was saying cause I was in a rush!!!!
So from now on I am taking things a little slower, trying to hear what God has to say to me and maybe if He'll let me in on what He has planed for me today

Time is flying by and we are rushing to just try and catch up and before we know it we are going to tumble and fall into the WRONG hands, So slow down take time to hear what God is planing for you today and follow His steps and by the end of time we'll fall straight into his arms where we belong!