Friday, April 27, 2012

Okay so I have not been here a while, hmmm...naughty me! slap on the wrist!!!

I have been so busy lately especially with wedding invites again, anyway today I have playing with some photographs that I have taken of family and friends. though I would put some up to show you all.

This first photo is my gorgeous son Tristan who is only 14 years old! Mommy's heat just melts, I can't believe that you have gotten so big. You make me very proud.

This next photo is a friends daughter and her boyfriend, that I took for them last year and only now finished playing with there photos. Kerry this one is for you!
This last one is Kerry's sister Savannah and my daughter (in the front), they are very good friends and are inseparable when Savannah is here by us for the weekend!

Well that me for now will catch up soon with new scrap booking layouts!